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Prescription Discount Card.

Q: How do I get a CoastalRx card?
A: Go to get a free card and receive your CoastalRx prescription discount card today. Click the red button below to get your card now!

Q: What is the CoastalRx card?
A: The CoastalRx card is a prescription discount card. With a CoastalRx discount card, you’ll gain access to discounts on a wide variety of prescriptions at reduced costs.

Q: What can I use my CoastalRx card for?
A: You can use your card for discounts on Prescriptions

Q: How soon can I use my card to start saving money?
A: Your card can be used immediately.

Q: Are all members of my household included on my card?
A: Yes. Your card can be used by all family members living at the same address.

Q: Is my CoastalRx Card insurance?
A: No. This is a free program and is NOT insurance. Non-prescription, medical equipment, and over-the-counter products are not included in this program. The prescription discount program is not an insurance plan or program that covers prescription drug costs or arranges for prescription services. Prescriptions may be filled at any pharmacy; however, the prescription discount card program provides a discount only at participating pharmacies. Void where prohibited by law. CoastalRx offers multilingual and hearing-impaired support. This is not a Medicare Part D prescription program, and it cannot be used in conjunction with any third-party payer program, including Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation.

Q: Is my information kept private?
A: Yes. CoastalRx and the prescription and health care discount card are HIPAA compliant.

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This is not insurance. Program is void where prohibited by law. This plan is not available in AK, VT, & MT. Form # AOWD-PWA-ID 03.20 

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CoastalRx Card Advantages

Up to 80% Off at Virtually Any Pharmacy
No Personal Information Needed
No Enrollment or Fees
Everyone Qualifies
Unlimited Uses it Never Expires
Share with Family & Friends
Works For Pet Medications
Works For Flu Shots

• Non Insured users
• Insured users with high Co-Pays or Medication not covered
• Medicare users in donut hole or Medication not covered
• Also works for Pet medications vs high-cost vet office meds

CoastalRx Card is accepted at PUBLIX, KROGER, RITE AID, WALGREENS, CVS, TARGET, ALBERTSONS, WALMART, COSTCO, and virtually all other local pharmacies.


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